Spaulding's Vision

Spaulding Elementary School

The vision of Spaulding Elementary is to be a high achieving school that inspires students to learn and become productive citizens.


Behavior Guidelines

·        All students are expected to comply with the Darlington County Elementary behavior guidelines. Parents are expected to check agenda’s daily regarding information on behavior and grades.



We believe:

·        Students have the right to learn in a safe, productive and risk free environment.

·        Students should respect themselves as well as others.

·        It takes educators, parents, and the community to educate every child.

·        Parent/Teacher collaboration is vital for student success.

·        All students can be successful.


1.     Increase student achievement scores.

2.     Improve school culture/ school climate.

3.     Increase parental involvement.


Student Code Of Ethics

1.     Be responsible for my own behavior.

2.     Honor myself.

3.     Respect others.

4.     Be honest in everything I say and do.

5.     Treat others the way I want to be treated.

6.     Resolve conflicts and solve problems without violence and drugs.

7.     Take pride in my total environment.

School Values

1.     Honesty- Sharing the truth for the betterment of the school.

2.     Respect- Treating each other with dignity and valuing others.

3.     Integrity- Striving to do what is right at all times.