Lunch Menu/ Prices

  Lunch Menu


Cafeteria Guidelines and Procedures

  • No one may borrow funds from school food services to eat school meals.
  • There is no cost for a school lunch for a students.
  • School food services will not extend middle or high school students borrowing privileges.

  • Money may not be borrowed to purchase special sales or extra items during meal service time.


Cafeteria Procedures

Students are to enter the cafeteria in an orderly, single file line. Classes will have two stopping points before students enter cafeteria lines. Teachers are asked to send only 5 students through the serving line at a time. Teachers should monitor lunch lines before getting lunch. Classes will be assigned to an area in the cafeteria to eat lunch.  Students may talk, but only loud enough for those closest to them to hear.  Students should be encouraged to eat first and then talk.  No student is to take food from the cafeteria.  Students are asked to clean up around their area and pick up all paper.  Teachers are asked to appoint someone to wipe the tables and sweep around your table when your class leaves.  These students should be responsible.  Meal prices are as follows:                                                                                                                                 


Student Breakfast (All Schools)       Free

Adult Breakfast Cost                                                   $2.35


Student Lunch (All Schools)                             Free

Adult Lunch Cost                                                        $3.85