General Music

Welcome to General Music Class!  

Music class is a very important component of a complete and well rounded education.  In music class students will focus on three main goals:  Learning "About" Music, Music Literacy, and Making Music.  

The "About" Music portion of music class deals with learning musical facts.  Some of the things the students will learn about are famous composers, different styles of music, and musical instruments.  The more you know about music, the more you are able to appreciate and understand what you hear!

Music Literacy is the ability to interpret musical symbols into sound, in other words, read music!  Students will learn to read and write rhythm and pitch as well as learn symbols and terms that represent tempo and dynamics.  Reading music is a very important skill for all musicians to learn. 

The last goal of music class is the most fun, Making Music!  Students will apply what they learn About Music and Reading Music into performing a variety of songs and pieces with their voices and classroom instruments.  Students will also have the chance to show off their creativity by improvising and composing their own music!      

My expectations for my music students are that they LISTEN, BE KIND, and always TRY THEIR BEST!  If students meet these expectations we will have a very productive, successful, and fun year making music together!