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Breakfast and Lunch Menus

School Meals

Breakfast and lunch are served each day in the school cafeteria, except for the final two half days. Students are permitted to bring their lunches from home and may purchase milk from the cafeteria. The cafeteria staff handles all meal money and, therefore, credit is not an option.  Eligibility for free or reduced priced meals is determined by household. Forms are available in the office and are given out during registration or the first day of school. The forms should be returned as soon as possible with complete and accurate information. All forms not received during the first ten days of school will result in a student’s having to pay the full cost for breakfast and/or lunch or having to bring lunch from home until the received and processes by the school.

School Food Services


Meal Prices 2017-18 

Student Lunch Price                            Free

Adult Lunch Price                                $3.85

Student Breakfast Price                     Free

Adult Breakfast Price                         $2.35